New York men's wear week: Man in Black.

Created on:2018-05-20 10:01

The lack of haute couture shirts with haute couture looks like a combination of aston Martin and diesel - intolerable. The senior customization of the shirt is about the same as a suit and coat, though it also includes something special. In the first meeting, the full size of the new customer needs to be accurately measured. His preferred version, collar, cuff, front and fabric will be identified. If necessary, he can also carry the clothes he wants to match to ensure perfect coordination. Later, the shirting artist's white poplin shirt will replace the paper and the size chart to record the application for each shirt. If this shirt is satisfactory on the second try, it will be used as a production template thereafter. The haute couture shirt is like the second layer of skin, the perfect fit, texture and design are defined by you.